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Are employees spending too much time searching?

How much time do your employees lose looking for products and services? Use our full complement of suppliers to do it instead. At North Grove Enterprise, we have you covered with:

+ Contract engineering/design services

+ Regulatory and Quality systems guidance

+ Full marketing services including web design, brand identity, social media

+ Prototyping to full contract manufacturing services

+ High production manufacturing in China

+ “Always Calibrated” Torque limit devices, both reusable and Single-use

+ Full line of silicone grip handles, screwdrivers, and ratchet devices

+ Standard “Off-the-shelf” type hand instruments

+ Full instrument trays of spinal retractors and curette systems

+ Sterilizing trays and cases for implants and related hand instrumentation

+ Single-use light sources, drills, bone mixing/delivery devices

+ IT services including data, voice, phone, and security management

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