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Catch the New Wave in Easy Cleaning

In most spinal punches, tissue and debris can collect and remain trapped between the main body and slider. This build-up can impede the smooth function

of the instrument and prevent proper sterilization as a result of not being completely cleaned prior to sterilization.

The Clean Wave Kerrison Punch has a slider with a wavelike shaped design which allows cleaning brushes easy access through the recesses and openings between the slider and main body for cleaning prior to sterilization.

• Wavelike shape also helps to reduce friction between the slider and main body, providing a smooth function.

• Forward angled foot plate provides precise and controlled cutting action.

• Features a thin foot plate design

• Bone ejector is incorporated into the design of 2mm-5mm bite sizes.

• Made from German stainless steel.

• Satin finish helps to reduce glare.

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