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Low-profile Torque Adaptor

Is your instrument tray getting too crowded, heavy, hard to handle? Have you ever thought to simply add a torque limiting feature to your existing screwdrivers? Whether the screwdriver is solid or ratcheting, you can add our torque limiting adaptor using your existing quick connect directly to the driver. The adaptor has a much smaller profile and weight than conventional devices. If used in conjunction with a ratchet screwdriver, the two-in-one device can save the surgeon precious time and money. It is a simple addition to an existing tray design, and most importantly, it has an incredible 3 year/6,000 click life cycle without the need for periodic calibrations. That’s right! Our product has been tried, tested, and proved itself repeatedly in the field. The torque is preset to your specifications, and available in a number of configurations of quick connect styles such as AO Small, AO Large, ¼” Square, Hudson, Zimmer, and Mini-Zimmer. While others offer some of these features, we provide them all: COMPACT SIZE, LOW WEIGHT, EASY TO USE, and MOST RELIABLE. The “Click Adaptor”, a product you can count on! #northgroveenterprise #torque #medicaldevice #surgicalinstruments#quality #screwdriver #hltechnology

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