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Still using older outdated technology?

Are you still using older outdated technology? The old standard used to be 6-12 months of accuracy before needing calibration and costly adjustments. Not anymore! Our product has been rigorously tested and can hold its accuracy for at least 3 years/300 sterilization cycles. Plus, every time a product is handled it costs YOU MONEY! Products go in and out all the time as loaners to sales reps and need to be inspected and calibrated. Shipping costs money (both directions!), washing and cleaning of the product costs money, inspection and calibration checks, documentation time, all factors that cost you money. These are hidden and not always considered. We provide the expertise and comfort with the highest possible quality available for accurate definable surgical results. Give it a shot and see if you can quantify how much money is hidden and costing you to use inferior products. So stop throwing away hard earned money and use a tried and true-tested product that lasts and saves you money!

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