We offer a complete line of full services and products for the orthopaedic sector.  Using our 45+ years of knowledge in manufacturing, we can quickly help you find the right vendor to fill your growing needs.  Our success is in helping you grow your business!  

Contract Engineering and Design
Regulatory and FDA Guidance, IP Services, Validation Support
Full Marketing Services

Providing rapid cost-effective product designs from conceptual ideas to fruition, including new implants, instruments, robotics, industrial optics, and bio-photonics.

Assisting with full product management services from concept through quality systems guidance.

Complete marketing programs from website development, creating "Brand Identity", social media marketing, S.E.O. assistance and more.

Contract Manufacturing

Fully equipped and validated processes to manufacture implants and hand instrumentation.  Prototyping, customs, and full production runs. 

German-crafted Hand Instrumentation
Silicone Grip Handles

Standard off-the-shelf type products, including kerrisions, ronguers, hip/knee/shoulder/spinal retractors, depth gauges, and general use hand instruments.

World-wide supplier of silicone grip handle products, ratchets, quick connect devices, and torque limiting products.  Solid or canulated versions available and a wide array of color options.

Spine Instrument Sets
Single-Use Devices
Sterilizing Cases and Trays

Complete instrument sets for spinal retractor systems, both open or MIS applications, and curette sets for decompression/fusion cases, both cervical and lumbar applications. 

O.E.M. provider of disosable products such as flexible lighting tubes, bone cement mixing and delivery devices, hand drills, saws, and torque limiting products.

Designer / manufacturer of Best-In-Class cases and tray systems.  Engineered to secure your instruments and implants - with appropriate validation times.

IT Services
Torque Limit Devices

Offering fully integrated solutions for network, data collection, cloud storage, and general operations systems.  Analyzing and strengthening security connections both internally and externally for a more secure environment for your business. 

Standard offerings include: T-handle, straight in-line, offset, all major quick connections, solid or cannulated, reusable or Single-Use products.  The reusable products come with a life-time warranty without a need for calibration.  The Single-Use products are designed with safety in mind and will fail after a predetermined number of clicks. 

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